I visited 91springboard back in 2016 when I was working with Anita B.org. I loved it more than any other coworking spaces I’ve been to. What I felt different was the energy of the people who were present there. I am not lying, but I had this thought coming to my mind after talking to Mithun Shetty from the Mumbai hub for hours that day — “I want to work here”

And In December 2018, after 8 rounds of interviews with different teams, I decided to join 91springboard in Goa with the central team.

91springboard is a vibrant community of…

I am absolutely thrilled to share that I got the opportunity to attend the Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference by the Linux Foundation at San Diego this year. People often ask me how I attend these conferences and about the things I learn from these summits. I thought this time I would share my experience. So you can read on to know about the ticket for the summit to key takeaways from the Open Source Summit.

About Open Source Summit

The OS summit brings together open source developers, technology leaders and community builders under one roof. Some of the key areas in…

It was in 2014, I came to know about the Grace Hopper Conference (GHCI) from one of my friends from Mozilla Kerala Community. It was Nidhiya, an inspiring friend whom I met during my second year of undergraduate studies for a WoMoz (Women in Mozilla) festival that we organized.

I started researching about the scholarship opportunity and decided to apply for it. I had no idea how the conference would look like. But I was excited about it. My search ended up in the LinkedIn profile of a Keralite — Nikki Vinayan, who happens to be a GHC 2014 scholar…

About MozFest

Mozilla Festival ( MozFest ) brings together coders, journalists, teachers, hackers — anyone and everyone working towards a healthier internet. This year’s MozFest was held in London at Ravensbourne University from 26th October to 28th October with the theme of “Your Data & You”.

Each year Mozilla invites proposals for sessions under different spaces from all around the world and openly curate it under Mozfest Program 2018 repository in Github.

This year Stanly Johnson, Kuruvilla George, Syam and I submitted a proposal under the Decentralisation space. And our session on the topic “Decentralised Publishing” got selected under the Decentralisation space.

Sethu Sathyan

Tech Enthusiast, Developer, Startups

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