An awkward day

“Pensive portrait of a young gorilla at a zoo” by Rob Schreckhise on Unsplash

Hello, it’s been a long time I don’t write anything? I miss you all my followers!

Today morning, as usual, I wake up and prepare to go to the office. I always make sure not to miss my laptop and charger. It’s the most important thing. Another important thing to go to the office is the bus fees. It’s 200ks and if you don’t bring exactly you have to collect your own return. It’s very inconvenience. So, I asked my wife is there any 200ks and she give me 1200ks.

I bring 1200ks and go to the bus stop. As usual, I wait for the 37 bus and go to the nearest bus stop of the office. My office time is 8:30 AM. But, as I was lucky I arrived at the office at 7:59 AM. Usually, I ate my breakfast at the office canteen. But, today is a bit early and I want to go to the tea shop. So, I decided to go to the tea shop which exists opposite side of the office. After crossing the road. I just know my wallet is at my home. “What!”

I left 1000ks, but it’s not enough if I go to the tea shop. I already planned what to eat in my mind. After I know I am missing my wallet at home, I decided to go to the office canteen. What an awkward day!

Even I am taking care what to bring, I am still missing some important stuff at my home. If I don’t care, maybe I will miss my body at home? 💭