I created a Free Photography Website

Sky full of Cherries by Kyaw Thu Tun

I had been working on myanpx.com for quite pretty long time as my side project. A free photography website, most of it content are from Southeast Asia. Plan to expend the content as much as we can.

Why you created?

It’s really hard to find free southeast Asia photograph for free. Especially, for Myanmar. That’s the one reason and another reason is me and my wife really love to take photographs, we take photos and share on social media. Or sometime the photos stay in the hard drive. One day, we think we should make a free photo sharing website which we can upload ourself and see how other people use our photograph which normally stay inside the hard drive.

Go checkout now — https://myanpx.com

Shwedagon photograph on myanpx.com

Free HD, Photos.

Look Delicious photograph on myanpx.com

Yes, it’s free.

Go checkout — https://myanpx.com

You can be a photographer as well. 📸