I created basic Facebook page’s image scrapping site and nobody gives a shit.

Website preview (https://www.ponekyimel.com)

I created the open source project call PoneKyiMel. And share it on Github. There are 10 stars to my repo. That’s, nothing more than that.

How is this happening to create?

Me and my friends talking some random stuff like normal web developers. We want to make things easier.

In the other hand, there is one popular model on the Facebook call LuLuAung. And she posted some pretty nice photos on her Facebook page like the normal model did. But, we have no idea why she is so popular.

At the part of me and my friends’s conversation, I told them we should create an App which only shows her images only. And I get the data from Facebook using their API. It works pretty well. My friend published his App. After that, nothing happened.

After a few months later, I am reading all the products random stuff on the internet and I am like. I gonna create one and want to make a success. I created MyanamrDevJobs which is a job portal for Myanmar’s talent developer and designers. At the very first month, I got 3K visitors. OK, that’s not my point. So, I created that website and I gonna create a new one and want to make fun. In my head, there is one thing that’s the old one I created PoneKyiMel. So, I quickly set it up. Since I already had the project on my GitHub.

How do you lunch your site?

I posted on HackerNews, ProductHunt, and Reddit. Like I read on how to lunch product from the internet. I got very few visitors from HackerNews and ProductHunt. There is 4 up vote on ProductHunt and two of those are my friends.


Launching product is not so easy like you read on the internet. I have to learn more. I know nobody give a shit to my article as well. 🙃