Some part of the universe — Episode I

It’s all start after knowing the matriculation exam result. I think I got the total mark of 272 or 262 around. I don’t remember exactly.

Before that, let me get back to before knowing my matriculation exam result.

We have a pretty big fat computer in our house (Actually at my aunt house). I don’t know how to use it very well and I don’t have permission to check it out myself as well. I asked my sister to teach computer typing serval times. One day she accepted. Ever since then I train my typing and get pretty fast.

My sister is a boss at our house. She buys so many books about computer and she never finishes. And keep the book on her bookshelf. I read every single one of those books and test it out myself. I remember one day everyone goes out around 1 hour and I remove every part of the computer and set it up back. Before they came back to the hose. I am too worry about catching me up for breaking things. So, I do real quick and I miss to connect power cable and computer can’t power on. 😅I told them I can fix and they don’t believe me. So, I have to carry that big box and have to go pretty far place to set it up back. That’s how I became familiar with computers.

Ok, let’s go back to after exam result.

My aunt, sis, uncle want me to attend DSA. So, I have to attend tuition and prepare for the entrance. I don’t attend the class that much instead I go to the internet cafe and teach my friends how to create the Facebook account and explaining how VZO is useful 😂In short, I failed the DSA entrance exam.

After all those, my uncle thinks I should attend PHP Programming training. Since I am very interest in the internet. And, I attend KMD Web Development training without knowing anything about HTML/CSS and web development. I never absent to the class. I am the only one who never absents the class no matter what. I don’t know very well about what the class teacher teaching about. And I know I am very interest in web development. Ever since I learn about web development from online every single day. I go out for internet cafe and always dive about all those HTML/CSS/JavaScript and PHP.

To be continued…