Sketch 3.7 and New Symbols

Thumbs up people ! :)

One question: Is there any way of editing the symbol in the context of the particular artboard where its added rather than always going into the separate, master part that is separated ? Editing in the context of an artboard is much of an help when it comes to making a composition that contains a lot of elements that need to be in the sinergy. This way, when the symbol is created, it becomes flatened on the perticulat artobard and you constantly have to jump between the particular artboard and the master symbols part always checking does the new tweak of the symbol fit with rest of the composition on the particular artboard..something like smart objects in Ps and we dont like Ps at all :).

Final question would be: Is there any way of avoiding symbol being „flattened“ on the artboart when its created so we could edit it in the context like we were able in the past versions and also maintain all the new features regarding the symbols

Cheers and keep up the good work!