So You Want Diversity, But Just Physically and Not Psychologically? Stop Pretending!

I’ve always hated those people who seems to support and advocate for diversity, but only doing it on the surface, thinking that it is the politically thing to do and say, and not understanding the actual meaning of it.

There have been SOOOO many discussions about gender equity in workplace. What really irritates me is — every time when one mention women are different from men, and we cannot compare them apple to apple, THESE PEOPLE always come back with the argument that men and women are not different; Women can also do what men can do. Whenever there is any mention of biological differences or psychological differences between men and women, THESE PEOPLE get all fired up and think that others do not support diversity.

Here’s a definition from Oxford Dictionary:

Diverse: Showing a great deal of variety; very different.

Embracing diversity does not mean that we only embrace different genders. Embracing diversity means we embrace the differences between us, and that is not only the physical of men or women or transgenders etc. It is embracing people with different cultures, different backgrounds, different ways of thinking, and the differences in what others like or don’t like, what others enjoy doing and not enjoy doing, what others are good at or not good at.

If you are as progressive as you think you are, and you think you support embracing diversity, you shouldn’t only compare the numbers of men and women, because you are just comparing the physics of it. Embrace the differences that exist between men and women, just like how you embrace the differences between people of different background.

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