SettleCDP wins Settle Virtual Hackathon! SVH2 registrations begin!

Don’t worry if you missed SVH1; we’ve got another hackathon kicking off in just a few weeks. Same rules; same prizes. Sign up and learn more at

Settle Virtual Hackathon 1 is in the books, and the future of DeFi is looking bright! We had a bunch of great entries, but our judges agreed that these three really stood out —

1st prize ($3K) — A MakerDAO interface that streamlines creating + managing CDPs for non-technical users. The combo of simplicity and utility makes this a perfect Settle app — plus it lowers gas costs! Built by Nathaniel and Natoshi of Team SettleCDP (GitHub)


2nd prize ($1.5K) — An ERC20 token tracker for monitoring addresses holding large amounts of popular ERC20s. Built by Simon of Team Whaling (GitHub)

3rd prize ($500) — An elegant and user-friendly app for comparing prices among cryptoassets and fiat currencies. Built by Harsh of Team awesomer (GitHub)

Thanks to all who participated in SVH1! 👏👏 And another huge thank you to our judges for their time and care in evaluating all the entries! 👏👏

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Know More. Trade Better. Finance is a social good.

Know More. Trade Better. Finance is a social good.