Aftermath of Automobile Accidents


Did you know that globally around 1.2 million people die each year from car crashes? Well most of these are happening in the developing countries. But the numbers of road kills in developing countries is not soothing either. And car accidents and lawsuits regarding them is a very common thing. Unfortunately, fatalities can not be tolerated like that.

Road Accident Statistics

1. 50 million people injured each year.

2. 400,000 teenager deaths every year.

3. Ninth leading cause of death worldwide. Will be fifth very soon.

4. Around US$600 million damage cost annually.


If you are responsible for a car accident then you can be penalized is many different ways. Mainly, penalties are based on the following infractions:

  1. Hit and Run.
  2. Collision with another vehicle.
  3. Collision with pedestrian.
  4. Causing injury.
  5. Causing damage to property.
  6. Taking lives

Most penalties are cash penalties. Sometimes prison times are added for serious accidents. In cases of deaths and fatal injuries the negligent can be punished with lifetime imprisonment plus cash penalties.

What to Do After an Accident

Follow these instruction after an accident:

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Get away from the vehicle, even if it is not burning.
  3. Look for injuries in your body.
  4. Check if somebody else is injured.
  5. Call emergency services.
  6. Take photographs if possible.
  7. Be completely honest with the cops, even if you are at fault.
  8. If you are a victim then get medical attention.
  9. If someone else is negligent then get an accident attorney (read more).
  10. If you are being charged then get a lawyer as well.


If you charge someone for an auto accident then you may claim a damage recovery from him or her. Damage recoveries can be like the following:

A) You can claim recovery for your economical damages such as car dents, damage of personal property etc.

B) If you had an injury then you can claim a recovery according to your medical expenses.

C) If your injuries are fatal then you can get settlements for lost wages or loss of ability to work.

Advantages of an Attorney

If you get an attorney to fight your case then you will get the following advantages:-

i) Increased chance of winning the case.

ii) Getting a handsome amount of recovery.

iii) Negotiate with the defendant or the victim in the shortest amount of time.


Albert Einstein said that, “there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”

So never underestimate the aftermath of accident no matter how small it is. Even the tiniest accident can charge you abruptly. And if you don’t fight it properly it will cost a lot more then a lawyer. So always have faith, take proper actions, and defend your rights.

-Steve O'Neil

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