Injury Lawsuit and Protection


Injuries are a common incident of our lives. Whatever type an accident is, it is almost unpredictable when one can happen. Now these injuries can be natural and UN-natural. And accidents can be both.

If an injury is caused by natural events then there’s nothing more to do but to get well and hope for a better future. But in cases of humanly reasons you can take several actions. And if the reason is because of someone’s negligence then you can certainly charge him, her or them with a personal injury lawsuit.


Injuries can be primarily categorized as physical and mental injuries. A physical injury is an injury of your physical body. Such as a defected body part or organ. On the other hand mental injuries are injuries which are caused to your subconscious mind.


Injury damages are categorized by measurement of value. According to this injuries are recognized as general and special injuries. In general damages the damage can be calculated precisely according to the value. As an example you can measure the damage value with the price of a car if it gets stolen.

On the other hand, special damages can not be calculated as general damages. Such as a broken arm of you. According to law it will be calculated according to your cost of recovery.

Comparative Negligence

Injury laws differ from state to state so it is hard to determine the exact laws. But there are some common facts in all of them as comparative Fault Rule.

Comparative fault rule is applicable where both parties are partially guilty. E.G. You were found 40% a fault in a case where your damage expense is US$1000. So you will receive US$600 which comparative to 60% of US$1000.

There is a deadline for reporting about an injury case at the court. E.G. In Denver, the deadline is two years for filing a lawsuit.

How to Get Help

If you want to get help after an injury then you should get help from an attorney. For personal injury cases you will need an injury lawyer (more info) to back you up.

An injury lawyer will first get all the necessary info about your accident. He or she will collect police reports, medical records, photographs, evidences, addresses of witnesses etc to defend you. After that your lawyer will file a lawsuit which will get you your damage recovery.


At the end i want to quote a line of Winston Churchill, “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. So if you are a victim then get a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident, and the law will take you on it’s side.

-Jennifer Johnson