Saving our Planet Earth: A Need of the Hour

SET (Save Environment Token)
3 min readFeb 9, 2018


Human beings have presented themselves as the most evolved of all species on Earth, and their actions in the past couple of hundreds of years have started to prove detrimental to the very existence of mankind. The increased usage of technology marvels is killing the planet, thanks to rapid industrialization, usage of fossil fuels and more, all contributing to rising levels of pollution. Its effects have become quite evident to the population in the form of global warming, increased toxicity of air, water and soil, depletion of ozone layer etc.

Realizing the impending doom of the human race if things continue the same, many countries, organizations and citizen initiatives have started implementing various measures to counter the rising threat. However, these attempts are met with moderate success mainly due to the extent of the problem and the lack of innovative approach.

Tackling the Cause, not Effect

In order to tackle the issue, the whole community must adopt a multi-pronged approach and go to the roots of the problem. For example, the growing levels of atmospheric pollutants from fossil fuels can be solved by reducing the emissions from vehicles and industries by either using alternative sources of energy, efficient machines or use of devices/chemicals that can neutralize the harmful compounds. But, given the number of vehicles and factories, and the need for cheap energy, it is not an easy task. The only way left to achieve the goals of creating a clean environment is to choose a collective approach, with the entire community’s involvement and the use of latest technologies as an enabler.

Changing the mindset of the community can’t be done overnight and encouraging any behavioral modifications requires the right incentive mechanism. At the same time, those who are actively involved in environment-friendly projects need to be supported so that they can contribute towards the cause and reach masses through innovation, perseverance and large-scale implementation of the solutions.

Today’s Technology to Solve Problems Created by the Previous Ones

In such a scenario, the Blockchain technology-based cryptocurrency and its associated tokens present themselves as the bridge that can bring all the groups together for a greater environmental impact in positive direction. An entire virtual ecosystem that can connect the players, both big and small in the real world with utmost security, transparency and high levels of automation has the potential to amplify the impact in a much shorter timescale.

Save Earth Token (SET) platform will be one such platform to implement the blockchain solution to promote global environmental sustainability. Backed by a team of professionals with years of experience in eco-friendly projects including Wardwizard Joy E-bike — a battery powered bicycle, Air Purifiers, Outdoor Air Pollution Controlling Devices, Waste to Energy and Solid Waste Management Projects, the SET project intends to make a difference by delivering a “Cleaner Earth” to mankind in near future.

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SET (Save Environment Token)

SET addresses today's environmental pollution concerns by reducing the carbon footprint by providing a means of transportation with zero emissions.