Saving the Environment: The Background of SET

SET (Save Environment Token)
4 min readFeb 14, 2018


The world has seen rapid growth in terms of technology, innovation, and industrialization in the recent decades. The rampant industrialization combined with excessive use of machines and automobiles powered by conventional fuel sources has caused a considerable impact on the environment, and can potentially cause irrevocable damage to the planet, making it uninhabitable unless we act on it now.

Saving the Environment must be the top priority of every human and they have to start actively participating in making the necessary changes, no matter how small in their everyday activities to achieve the goal. An increase in awareness among the masses has already given rise to grassroots-level activism and initiatives which if implemented widely can create a so-called “Butterfly Effect” for a greater good.

The SET — Save Environment Token Project is designed with the intention of facilitating these eco-friendly projects to scale up and address the issues plaguing the environment. In order to do so, the creators of SET Project have opted to use cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology which has already proven its mettle across various industry segments as a democratized, decentralized, secure and tamper-proof ledger system. Also, the tokens used on the platform works as the medium of value exchange — an alternative to fiat for transactions within the SET ecosystem. The SET blockchain project will create a platform where the participants can buy and sell environment-friendly products and services with ease and in an economical fashion.

SET project aims to

• Reduce Global Warming

• Reduce Environmental Pollution

• Reduce Carbon Footprint/Emissions

• Build a Sustainable Environment

• Save/Conserve the world for Future Generations

The Concept and Creation of SET Project

The SET Project is based on Ethereum blockchain protocol and created by a group of technologists and businessmen who have been manufacturing and selling environment and people friendly devices aimed at making the world a better place. The SET platform will serve as a global marketplace for listing, buying and selling eco-friendly products. It allows anyone to list their products, fitting the criteria and sell it to customers across the world. It also allows interested investors to register themselves on the platform and contribute towards eco-friendly projects that are listed on the platform. The SET token also acts as a discount token on the platform.

The creators of SET Platform already have other successful projects which are operational with an excellent track record.

The project is backed by companies like Ward Wizard, which offers electric bicycles under the brand name Joy eBike. This battery-operated bike has a range of 12–40 km on a single charge, which takes about 3–5 hours. The low cost, lightweight bicycle is an ideal, green transport solution for the people.

The company intends to make use of the SET platform to create a Public Bicycle Sharing System for the masses which will witness a reduction in the use of motor vehicles, cutting down emission of greenhouse gases and also the commuting costs for users.

Another company, StrataEnviro is a pioneer in pollution control systems, and through the SET platform, they are aiming to expand the installation of Outdoor Air Pollution Controllers in some of the leading cities across the world where the pollution levels are dangerously high. The increased presence of smog and inhalation of harmful gases can cause respiratory distress in people and also visibility issues which could lead to accidents and other unforeseen disasters. With Pollution Controllers, installed in strategic locations with high population densities, public stand to receive a respite in the conditions with cleaner air to breath.

TecSo Energy is a prominent solar power and renewable energy consulting, contracting and engineering company which has multiple successful projects under its belt. The company, with expertise in clean energy, also plays a critical role in the creation and sustenance of the SET project.

The SET project also has eminent personalities from the field in the advisory board, who has worked at international levels, including the United Nations.

With a clear idea and a strong team, the SET project team has all the right reasons to build a blockchain platform that will not only help them expand their reach on a global scale but also enable innovators and other players in the market to create successful businesses and make their products and services widely available to anyone at an attractive price.

Save Environment Token is a social impact endeavor that is aimed at creating a profitable ecosystem for the businesses, increase awareness among the public, offer low-cost products to those in need and above all, a cleaner earth in the near future.

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SET (Save Environment Token)

SET addresses today's environmental pollution concerns by reducing the carbon footprint by providing a means of transportation with zero emissions.