Tackling Pollution: A Common Problem Across Nations

SET (Save Environment Token)
3 min readMar 20, 2018


Nations across the world are faced with an imminent crisis, which is presently being discussed at some of the highest forums. Concerns regarding pollution and its effects take the stage alongside talks about trade and war. While many politicians try to conveniently ignore the issue, they can’t buy the silence of the masses.

The effects of incessant human activities are being widely felt across the world, manifesting in various forms. And, its result is the alarm of global warming being sounded by people, communities and even nations. Global warming is just one of the results of human greed. With rapid industrialization and use of fossil fuels to power almost everything, the levels of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is rapidly rising. When combined with the disappearing greenery and forests, these gases like carbon dioxide lead to an increase in overall temperature of the planet, causing glacial and polar ice caps to melt.


The sea level rises, submerging the low-lying areas and the shoreline. It will result in the displacement of millions of people. Not to mention the drastic effects on the climate due to temperature variations.

What is the Solution?

It is virtually impossible to flash freeze technology and industrial development. But that doesn’t mean the emission of greenhouse gases can’t be kept in check. A collective effort to reduce these emissions, starting with the simplest of things can go a long way in mitigating the effects of global warming. It is a well-known fact that combustion of fossil fuels contributes the most amount of greenhouse gases to the environment and by using alternate energy sources of finding efficient transport methods, a significant percentage of it can be reduced.

Imagine millions of people making use of clean energy powered vehicles to commute every day. It will help save thousands of gallons of fuel which otherwise would have been contributing towards the pollution as vehicle exhaust. Such a day is not far away as there are few companies that are already running pilot-scale projects across the world.

In addition to “greener” transport modes, there is a necessity to provide people with an option to choose between conventional products and those that are more environment-friendly. Given an easy choice, many would rather opt for the latter. But in the present scenario, the eco-friendly goods and services are much expensive than their conventional counterparts, which has constantly been discouraging people from making an active choice for a better future than the present.

Another problem is the ease of availability itself. Many people aren’t aware of the availability of environment-friendly products or their manufacturers. It is mainly due to the market dominance of global brands selling conventional goods for a long time. There are no dedicated platforms that solely focus on these.

Save Environment Token— SET intends to change all these, on a global scale with the efficient use of technology. The platform is dedicated to promoting the development and use of eco-friendly products and services by supporting them and giving them the much-needed visibility. The blockchain platform powered by its namesake ERC20 token offers a way for green initiatives and projects to raise the required funding. It also acts as a global consolidated e-commerce platform where the partners can list and sell their products and services. For the first time, SET will provide a single place for customers to seek, compare, choose and purchase the product of their choice at attractive prices.

While the countries fight it out at global platforms like the United Nations and World Economic Forum, the best place to initiate change is at the grassroots and who’s better to do it than people themselves. The team behind SET4Earth Project aren’t new to environment-friendly products and services. They have well-established businesses in mobility, waste management, solar energy and pollution control. With their experience and the expertise of an eminent team, they are aiming to achieve what the big governments have so far been apprehensive about.

The SET project already has a closed private token sale underway, and soon it will be announcing public token presale. More information about the project is available at SET4Earth.com.



SET (Save Environment Token)

SET addresses today's environmental pollution concerns by reducing the carbon footprint by providing a means of transportation with zero emissions.