I fall like a waterfall!

A flock of emotions is flying towards me with a blistering speed. I can see, from this distance, their tender feet readying themselves, to absorb the shock of landing on my thoughts. Their wings flapping inimitably, as their maneuver in the space of my phantasm. Do I take some time to admire the beauteousness of this affair, or do I shelter under the roof of inattention?

I’m hypnotized by dilemma; being swept away by currents of conflict; I fall like a waterfall.

Maybe, it is time to open my arms to the rhapsodies of vulnerability.

Fresh wind sways my soul. Winks of the eye flirt with exiting breaths.

The winging creatures have arrived.

The hooked beak of anger reaches first, and pierces my mind. A vulturous fiend. Many cracker beaks of jealousy tear into my inner darkness. Love, somewhere, is caressing my heart, with its probing beaks. Strainer beaks of peace, knocking on my ears. Tweezer beaks of sympathy, picking up my pain like worms, and flying away.

I stand encased by soft wings of desire; sharp wings of narcissism, feathers of compassion, beaks of perspicacity, claws of revenge, flapping of power, and, tweets of complains.

And then, they, the flock of emotions abandon me abruptly. Leaving me covered in bruises, pain, fits of laughter, blood- melancholy.

As I peruse my mortal part assiduously, my eyes freeze at the look of my heart, where the beak of love had been caressing for hours. Deeper into the essence, was the most grim wound.

An overwhelming sight!

Love had been a deceiver, a decoy, the most merciless of all.

I ran after the flock of emotions, chasing each one of them, until I succumbed to numbness.

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