Yes, Its OK to Be Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Flashback twenty years.

Wait, not even. Just go back ten years.

If you wanted to start a business, you had to be a certain type of person.

You couldn’t be the fun, obnoxious, loud person you are today. There was a mold you had to fit into.

Being an entrepreneur ten years ago meant that you would have to dress up in a suit, carry a briefcase, have clean-cut hair, and a perfectly shaven face. You had to hold yourself up high because so many people discouraged you. You couldn’t just be yourself, you had to be a “businessman.”

The only one who was anything different was Mark Zuckerberg. He would go around in his hoodie and flip-flops and people would freak out and critique him like none other.

Well guess what? Now you can do that too.

In fact, you SHOULD do that.

Starting a business has become much easier in the past decade or so thanks to the increasing advancements in tech. There are millions of businesses out there, how are you going to stand out?

You can’t just put on a suit, comb your hair and hand off the marketing to a professional anymore.

Your business thrives on you. You attract people to YOU.

Yes, your business should always be providing immense value to your audience; but the brand is you.

Look at entrepreneurs like Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuck; they have businesses with large customer bases, but every part of their business has their name written all over it.

In every interview, meeting, blog post, product, service or pretty much anything that comes out of their businesses screams their own personal brands.

Going back to Mark Zuckerberg, his appearance in professional business meetings and what he wore to work became somewhat of a brand to Facebook. It was authentic, and it was truly his.

That’s business in 2015. You have to be yourself, you can’t just hide behind your company or your great marketing professionals. If you want to attract and audience, you have to be as authentic as possible.

Authenticity is something so many people are afraid of. People are so intentional about fitting the “norm” and not attracting too much attention to themselves.

And it makes no sense at all because if you want your business to succeed, you need to turn as many heads as possible and get as much attention as you can. And the way to do that in this era of business is by screaming your personal brand to everyone.

Don’t be annoying, but be authentic. Don’t hold back, don’t be afraid, just do whatever is necessary for your business and make sure your name is written all over it.

Make sure your audience knows exactly who you are; whether they see you in an interview or meet you on the street and want to take a selfie, you should be the same person. Not someone who just fits into the mold of whatever situation he or she is in.

So go do whatever suits you, whatever you like, and be yourself. SCREAM yourself. Make sure everyone knows who’s in the driver’s seat. I know its cliche, but that’s business in this day and age. And its beautiful.