Want To Win Custody Battle? Follow 11 Best Steps and Win Your Child Custody In South Lake

Want To Win Custody Battle? Follow 11 Best Steps and Win Your Child Custody In South Lake

When you are facing a very severe issue of Child custody you need to have a thorough practice and information about it so that this can help you further to take right step at the right time and when the help of child custody lawyer in South Lake you can provide yourself with an expertise handling your case. You need not forget you, child, as well giving them enough time is their right.

The most difficult and heart breaking time for parents is when they have to face the child custody battle. Children’s are always an important priority for their parents and when it comes to choose a single parent and stay whole life with them; it’s a very tough decision which needs legal support and proper guidance, You can have child custody lawyers in South Lake for your delicate matter because the emotional and mental break down that you are suffering can never let you make appropriate decision and right action as well.

1) Figure out where you are in the case-
When you are in the custody battle you need to know where you stand actually. All you need to do is monitor what you are currently facing, what situation you are stuck and then you know what exactly your role is in the case.

2) Identify area of disagreement-
You need to know why the other parent s against you and what is the actual trouble you both are stuck in. for example, you want a win-win negotiation of meeting your child often, but the other person is not ready and only allow you to meet the child on weekends.

3) Understand how the judge decides-
A judge will always focus on the child, considering what is in the best interest of your child and how best is your child going to get an advantage. They will focus on the following point:

1) How good the parent is with respect to the child
2) Parent’s relationship with the child
3) Parent’s financial status
4) Parent’s mental and physical current condition

4) Exercise parental rights-
If you’re visitation rights with your kids, take it as a very good opportunity and spend as much time as you can with your child. Give them all possible love and care that they need. Tell them they are special, guide them if they need your advice, go for an outing with them and this is how you can prove to be a good parent. Try to have healthy and good communication with them make them feel loved and cared and possible give them assurance that things would possibly go well no matter how worse the situation could be.

5) Hire a child custody lawyer-
Child custody is the most important thing both the parent seeks. You need to hire child custody lawyers in South Lake who will help you with all the legal matters and proceedings that will fit your case and make your side strong as you alone cannot be able to hold the legal matters tightly without knowledge

a) Ask for references from family friends or any website.
b) Call the lawyer, fix the meeting as soon as possible and there are chances to get a 1st free consultation.
c) Ask about the price, about his experiences, a number of cases won and lost court room experience and then finalize the one for you. This is how you can get good child custody lawyers in South Lake.

6) Gather Evidence that you are a good parent-
It is very important to prove the judge that you are actually a very good parent and that you deserve the child custody for sure.

a) Pictures- this is going to give the judge a good appeal regarding the time you have spent with your child, collect good memorable and emotional picture with your child that can give you case a strong point.
b) Reviews from a neighbor- These people can give assurance to the court that they know how your relationship was with the child and you were very responsible as well.
c) Proof that you provide special fulfillment- If your child is demanding some special needs, you should provide the court room with the evidence of that or if your child is a special person with some disability you should provide the court receipts of medical bills or a wheel chair or any other kinds of stuff.

7) Assess your weakness as a parent-
Know what are your weaknesses and where do you need to improve yourself, all your weaknesses should be pointed out somewhere. You need to be honest with yourself only then you will be able to prove the court that you are the eligible parent:

a) Do you suffer from drug or alcohol related problem?
b) Do you have any anger issue that can be harmful?
c) Have you ever neglected to visit your children?
d) Have you move around a lot of times because you can’t afford a good home because of financial instability.

8) Gather evidence to use against your partner-
You should have evidence that proving that the other parent is not capable of having child custody.

a) Collect information like: if your partner is DUI or coming late night and is a victim of drug addiction be sure to tell your lawyer. So this can help the custody lawyer to collect medical records.

b) Find any witnesses if your partner has abused you or physically harmed you. Note down important event when the child really needed the other parent but they were not present (child’s birthday, parents teacher meeting, award ceremony day) and so on.

c) If you find the picture of a drunken parent and at a party on any social media site, take a photocopy as soon as possible.

9) Stay connected with your child-
In order to get the child custody in your hand you don’t need to forget your child at that particular delicate moment because it is the only time when they need someone’s support and love, so be in continuous interaction with your child.

a) Maintain a journal to note down how many times you have interacted with your child.
b) Also, mention how many times you have visited your child.

10) Don’t speak wrong about the other parent to your children-
Judges always want the child to respect both their parents and not just one, so always speak positively in front of your child, don’t force your children to choose sides this can affect them mentally as they love both of you they will not be able to give you full support if you force them to speak badly about the other parent.

11) Listen to your lawyer-
Your child custody lawyer in South Lake knows the best about you and your case type, the only thing you need to do is follow his command if your lawyer recommends that he needs something from you and you are not sure about it you have the right to ask the lawyer about it. But make sure to give his sufficient information and obey his rules and orders.

All this can help you win your battle and get your child back with you, but you also need a lawyer by your side to support you as a back bone, At the Setzer Law Firm PLLC, located near Keller, they work with an intention of providing Mother’s and Father’s right on an equal basis, they also focus on providing what’s the best for your child. If you ever need a legal guidance and practical solution, switch to them for support.

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