Rise of the UX writer
Ben Moran


This is an excellent piece. You’ve laid out the challenge clearly and simply.

As a copywriter and digital immigrant, I still believe that classic copywriting has something to offer. We need to extract the essential value of traditional communication and apply it to UX.

Your points are well taken;

“Every single user touchpoint and every piece of visible copy (including all the microcopy) is an opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s unique tone of voice and actively engage with the user and how they’re feeling at that precise moment”

“…copywriting needs a seat at the table, right from the start.”

What’s my move?

Eliminate the term ‘copywriter’ and replace it with brand voice specialist (or some such descriptor). Forget about tone and manner. The way brands used to speak is irrelevant and not ‘user friendly’

Finally, let’s revisit the work of the ‘Greats’ who used nothing more than design and brand voice to position brands; Julian Koenig, Howard Gossage,David Abbott, David Herzbrun and, of course, Tony Brignull. Buried in the language of every campaign they developed, you’ll find a voice that can travel anywhere. Combine it with great design and you have a winning combination.

I’d like to engage you in a conversation. If you feel inclined,email me.

Thanks for the great article.

Stephen Etzine (setzine@gmail.com)

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