Border wall construction is destroying the Sonoran Desert’s most sacred spring

Growing up as a Tohono O’odham woman on my ancestral homelands taught me one thing above all: Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.

When the federal government ramped up border-wall construction in Arizona, I knew I had to fight for my homelands, which are split in half by the U.S-Mexico border. I knew that meant activating my community, facing construction workers and opposing the U.S. Border Patrol and its long history of brutalizing O’odham tribal members.

Border-wall construction has brought devastation to the land, the wildlife, the water and the people. It’s wiping out entire species of animals, taking millions of gallons of water from fragile desert aquifers, butchering protected ceremonial plants like the saguaro and organ pipe cactus, and blasting and bulldozing our ancestors’ graves. …


Hon'mana Seukteoma

Tohono O’odham | Hopi | Navajo. Borderlands Creative Media Intern with the Center for Biological Diversity.

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