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As designers, knowing how to handle negative comments about our designs is important. After all, nothing is perfect on the attempt, and as mentioned in one of my past articles, design is about the users, not the designer. But we can’t help but take it personally when we are asked to improve our designers. Having a career as a designer is not for the faint of hearts. You need to know that not everyone will agree with your creative choices, and others might outright hate it. …

Comic Sans MS has been the most hated font since it was the creation in 1994. This fact is so widely known and the butt of all typography jokes. But my question is why. Why is Comic Sans universally hated?

In my humble opinion, there are a lot more terrible fonts out there than Comic Sans. Now, before you guys start writing me off as a designer from this comment, hear me out. We are designers, and as a designer of a product or service, our main goal is to create things that serve a function or purpose.

Comic Sans was created by Vincent Connare inspired by comic book lettering, intended for use in informal documents and children’s materials. Maybe the confusion was it that was released by Mircosoft. Back in the ’90s unless you were Pixar, computers were mainly used in offices and schools to write official documents and papers rather than all the internet trolling we use it for today. …

Unfortunately, networking is important, and even more so in today’s society. When I think about how I’ve obtained the jobs throughout my life, most of them were because I knew someone at least to get my foot in the door. And as much as I’m an extrovert, I’m genuinely a private person, and I’m not a big fan networking for the sole prepose of getting something in return. But as mentioned networking in vital. So let’s talk about what designers can do to network and meet other designers.

  1. Social Media

I miss the days when social media was just to link with friends and stay connected. But now it’s a beast that takes up some much of our lives. It’s to a point were people, including myself, had to take actively declare that we need a social media detox. However, as designers, it’s important to levage this to showcase our work. Design is untimately visual and it’s a great way to showcase our work. …

In my first article, I briefly spoke about why product designers should have at least a fundamentals understanding of coding.

Not only does good design help attract attention to your marketing materials and activities, it can also enhance the quality of your message. In short, bad design makes for bad marketing. For more specific instances of how design influences your marketing, look no further than the examples below.

With so many companies competing for attention online, having exceptional design is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd. …

Color and UI

When I think about UI design, two important elements come to mind, color, and typography. I must say choosing typefaces are a big stress point for me. I haven’t quite masters this component yet. However, I am confident about my day-to-day color choice from fashion to artwork to UI design.

Even looking back when I was a child, my coloring skills were off the chart. I loved coloring books and always stayed within the lines (unless it was an artistic choice not to). I won a few art competitions at school as well.

I got a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble each time, along with a shiny blue ribbon. And that money was a lot for a kid my age at the time. However, I always had terrible handwriting. My handwriting has gotten even worst over the years. It’s great that we are typing everything on our laptops now. Still, when I have to write a birthday card or a thank you note, I have to write a draft of it first on a piece of paper because the pressure of writing directly on a card with a pen makes me so nervous all because of my terrible handwriting. Which is why I may not be writing about typography anytime soon. …

User interviews are a big part of UX. It helps shape how a design will come to a life. However, they can be quite tricky to do and it’s important to be prepare and do them correctly for the best possible results.

I think I heard or read somewhere that only about a third of college graduates are in the career of their major. I also read again somewhere even though 80% of college graduates are happy that they went to college, however, 60~ish% wish they could have changed their major. Now, why am I bringing this up? Clearly it’s not extremely relevant part of my article that I didn’t bother fact checking myself. Well, I wanted to prefer back to two stories that were told during lecture by my professors in college (more on this in a bit). See, I studied psychology and marketing and even though I’m not direct in either of these respective fields, both subjects are extremely relevant to what I do as a product designer. …


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