Making the transition…

When you start something new, everything feels like it isn’t working.

You have an idea. You make a plan. You stick to the plan.

And then you find that it’s not as easy as you thought it was going to be. Panic sets in. You worry, you fret, you think about the future and wonder if you will be able to make it work. You think, “My parents must be right. Time to go get an hourly job and just give this whole writing thing up.”

But dammit, you want it to work. You are willing to do whatever is necessary to make it work. You spend all night editing your freelance pages, cleaning up your portfolio, making bigs, and…you eagerly await a response. You bid on more projects. You post more work to your portfolio. You start looking at actual writing jobs available.

The world of 2015 is most certainly not what I imagined 2015 would be when I dreamed of my future and of the future as a child. I don’t think anyone could have really grasped what the Internet means to people. Not even William Gibson, who coined the term cyberspace in his novel “Neuromancer” could have completely imagined what a networked planet would look like.

Or what a networked planet with Facebook would look like.

Writing professionally is my dream. I have managed in the few short weeks that I have been offering my freelance services to secure a few long-term contracts. It was thrilling to bid, negotiate, and then win the contract.

As I get more comfortable sharing my ideas digitally, I welcome you to reach out to me. I aim to document my journey, from budding freelance writer to whatever I will become. Like any journey, there will be danger and opportunity.

Advice, corrections, thoughts of topics I should write about, people I should reach out to, I welcome it all.

My website is a work in progress, but I invite you to check it out and tell me what you think.

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