2 months ago, I met a Sauce. I got lost in it.

The bus driver exerted the force of his legs on the gas, manoeuvering his way through endless obstacles in the form of vehicles and potholes. When a few persons had the presence of mind to ask why he was in such a rush, imploring him to ease up for they cherished their lives if he cared not for himself, he responded he simply wants to make sure he gets back to Lagos that evening to be with his wife. She just gave birth.

How sweet.

With the completion of each kilometer, he moved closer to being with the woman he cherished the most. I got further away from mine. We shared the same direction, but our destinations were worlds apart. For him, it was joy. For me, it was misery.

When I decided my rehabilitation was complete 2 months ago and returned to social media, I did not imagine I would be writing barely 2 months later.

When I scrolled through my DMs, casually replying messages sent to me in my absence, it was done out of courtesy and appreciation to those who checked on my disappearance.

'Can’t believe you left just when I came on board to enjoy your tweets.’ 3 years ago, it was an innocent message to check on my absence. 2 months ago, it was the spell that opened the door to you.

Your wit was your calling card. With it, you continuously engineered the most delectable conversations. Fortunately for me, I was more than capable to match it. At each bedtime, I liked you a little more than I did the previous day.

Every time my phone gets lit up and your name is on the screen, I break into a smile. It happened long enough and it became an involuntary action. You were owning my body and I didn’t know it.

You are my imaginations made flesh. The physical manifestation of wishes spoken in conversations with friends. My 2AM fantasies made real.

I am extra confident in pursuing my admittedly tall dreams 'cause I found you. Why? because in you, a tall dream came true.

I could fill the pages of a book with tales of the pieces of you that show why you are amazing. The goofiness. Your intellect. Your morality. The strength of the goodness in you that makes you feel guilty about your humanity. Your soul-melting smile. Your perfectly crafted face. Your carefree attitude. Your faith — just to list a few.

Your awesomeness, however, do not reside in your individual parts. It resides in the whole. An alchemy whose formula was destroyed after creation. The result too great and pure to have copies lying around.

15 minutes away from your house is a magnificent residential building under construction. High enough to have a view overlooking the ocean and the best architectures Nigerian money can buy. I hope to work hard enough to buy an apartment there one day.

When I do, this terrific view would still not compare to waking up beside you. Watching you slowly break into a smile as you come to terms with the return to consciousness, before throwing a childlike fit, kicking the duvet in different directions. I feel bad that you cannot see it. It is the most beautiful thing my eyes have been lucky to see.

If a God exists, I thank him for bringing you to me and I hope and pray that he never takes you from me. You are greatness made flesh.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a week with you. I want to spend a lifetime more.

I want to spend the my days caring for you. I want to be your rock and your shield. I want to be the man that you deserve.


I left Akure with a heart that solely belonged to myself. I came back with one that belongs to you.