My Experience At Andela’s BootCamp So Far.

It’s been four days since the boot-camp started and I will like to share my experiences in the boot-camp so far. It has been really challenging completing each of the tasks given during the boot-camp and also writing on this platform almost every day.

Day 1: This day was really great for me at the beginning because things were going as I expected, as the time keeps ticking things started getting difficult for me because I was having issues configuring my JavaScript code to compile from ECMAScript 6 to 5 using Babel compiler. With the help of my LFA `Owonikoko Seun`, I was able to fix this issue. Despite all the stress went through I was very happy that I learnt something new that day.

Day 2: On this day we are told to learn and work from home, but you can come around if you will be having challenges working from home. Either way, you are expected to give all the reports of your work online using tools like Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Slack and Github.

I have not gone through any work structure like this before but being able to cope with this process has given me the experience and feel of working from home or remotely.

Day 3: This day I worked from home, things were going as expected and I was active on slack until a blocker hits Me, this was all about having stable electricity at home. This day 2hours of my time did not count has been useful, after I remembered the video I watched about blockers and challenges in the growth mindset videos shared with the boot-campers immediately I packed my bag and my Laptop and went to a friend’s place to work until 10 pm late at night. The experience of this day was both good and a bit bad because I knew how to challenging it was to overcome blockers or challenges that come your way when working.

Day 4: After facing the challenges above in the previous day I decided to come to the boot-camp premises to work so as to prevent the same challenges I am likely to face when working. It has really been a challenging and very interesting week for Me because I had learnt a lot from the boot-camp, getting series of feedback from my LFA to work on, which am currently working on.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you for this boot-camp opportunity created to The Andela Community and people involved because I believe that all the boot-campers that we started this boot-camp together would have grown tremendously from where they were before and where they are now. Thank you, Andela.