GStreamer MediaFoundation video encoders (H.264, HEVC, and VP9 if supported by GPU) gained the ability to accept Direct3D11 textures, which will bring noticeable performance improvements

As of the GStreamer 1.18 release, hardware accelerated Direct3D11/DXVA video decoding and MediaFoundation based video encoding features were landed.

Those native Windows video APIs can be very helpful for application development/deployment, since they are hardware platform-agnostic APIs for the Windows platform. The questions is if they are sufficiently competitive with hardware-specific APIs such as NVIDIA NVCODEC SDK or Intel Media SDK?

Probably the answer is … “NO”

How much faster than before are things?

One simple way to compare performance would be…

The long-awaited GStreamer 1.18 has finally been released!

GStreamer 1.18 includes various exciting features especially new Windows plugins: Direct3D11, Media Foundation, UWP support, DXGI desktop capture and rewrite of the WASAPI audio plugin using Windows 10 APIs.

In this blog post, I’d like to briefly talk about the future work needed to optimize GStreamer support for Windows-specific features, with a focus on the Media Foundation plugin😊

GStreamer’s Media Foundation plugin was implemented to support various hardware using modern Windows APIs. …

The Microsoft Media Foundation plugin has finally landed as part of GStreamer 1.17!

Currently it supports the following features:

  • Video capture from webcam (and UWP support)
  • H.264/HEVC/VP9 video encoding
  • AAC/MP3 audio encoding

NOTE : Strictly speaking, the UWP video capture implementation is not part of the Media Foundation API. The internal implementation is based on the Windows.Media.Capture API.
Due to the structural similarity between Media Foundation and WinRT Media API however, it makes sense to include the UWP video capture implementation in this plugin.

Media Foundation is known as the successor of DirectShow.

As DirectShow does, Media Foundation provides various…

DXVA2 based hardware accelerated decoding is now supported on Windows, as of GStreamer 1.17.

This is a list of supported codecs for now

  • H.264 (d3d11h264dec)
  • HEVC (d3d11h265dec)
  • VP9 (d3d11vp9dec)
  • VP8 (d3d11vp8dec)

What should I do to use them?

No special steps or dependencies are required to build this new element indeed.

The above listed new decoder elements are part of the d3d11 plugin in GStreamer. It doesn’t require any special build time dependencies and/or libraries as everything is already provided by the Windows SDK. Once it has been built, the only requirement is whether your hardware (i.e., GPU) is able to support hardware decoding or not.


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