Organized thoughts for position essay

Seung Min Park

Thad Niles

EN-103 001

October 9, 2016


For position paper, I decided to talk about the relationship between liberal arts college education and career training since people put huge amount of money for college. Because of this, my essay controversy will be that “Is it worth to pay thousand dollars for career training or something?” Through, I have searched information that will be necessary for my essay. There will be a list filled with questions and answers. Most writers tell that tuition for college is a lot and it is increased dramatically. Some tell that college education is not necessary to get a job but others tell there are important things when people get in Liberal Arts College. First idea surprised me compared to later because I have never thought about taking courses like online courses to learn college education. I was thinking about college education is wrong regardless types of college. However, it was students’ fault that they think college education as a career education. Therefore, I should make my essay goes that Liberal Arts College gives students something different from career training so that it is worth to invest.

1. How much do we pay for tuition?

It says most universities’ tuition exceed $40,000 per year.

2. What Liberal Arts College does?

Liberal Arts College focuses on communications, critical thinking and problem solving.

3. How to get a job that someone wants?

4. What is education?

Education is about getting more knowledge and perspective that make one better

Lists of sites that I read for a position paper

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