Coffee — Me

Why do you love coffee?

I drink coffee everyday. So much so that you could say coffee flows through my veins. But when people watch me sip up my third or fourth cup of the day, they just don’t seem to get it. You see, coffee is essential in my life. It’s been with me in growing up, having relationships, and working into the late nights.

I remember my mornings as a kid sitting at the kitchen table. With my eyes struggling to remain open, I would wait for the toaster to spring while my dad and his dad would sip coffee from their mugs and read the morning’s New York Times.

I remember my first date with a girl from high school. We just came out of the local town’s movie theater and walked across the street to a café. Inside, I remember buying us both some coffee and felt pretty damn cool about it. We would eventually learn and memorize how we both liked our coffees too.

I don’t remember too much about the countless late nights, staying up to study for exams or write papers, suffering the brutal consequences of procrastination. But, what I do remember about those nights, what kept me sane, was the coffee that sat in a mug on my desk next to me, which would turn cold (and that taste I definitely remember.)

I asked some friends to help explain to you what this relationship with coffee really means to all of us; that, this might put an end to any confusion once and for all…