By Seungwon Go, CEO & Co-Founder at ZEROM (seungwon.go@zerom.io)

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A traditional work order is a job or task for customer that can be scheduled and assigned to someone. Work orders designate field technicians who perform various tasks, such as equipment installation, repair, or maintenance work.

In the case of work orders, you will not only give work orders, but will also provide you with professional work guides, technical documents to refer to, and existing work cases.

Work orders can be manually generated through a work request submitted by a staff member, client, or automatically generated through some system.

In the case of a traditional work order, when it is created through the system, it is required to execute immediately or to execute the work at a fixed time. Normally, the created work order can be assigned regardless of where the worker who needs to work is located inside or outside the facility, and it is assigned after the current status of the work space or equipment is grasped by the person. …

By Seungwon Go, CEO & Co-Founder at ZEROM (seungwon.go@zerom.io)

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작업 오더는 작업자에게 전달되는 작업 지지서입니다. 시설내의 다양한 공간 및 장비에 대한 설치, 수리, 유지 보수와 같은 일들이 대표적인 작업 오더 입니다. 작업 오더의 경우 단순히 작업 지시를 내리는 것 뿐만 아니라 해당 작업을 위해 필요한 전문적인 작업 가이드 및 참조해야 할 기술 문서, 기존 작업 사례 등을 같이 전달하게 됩니다.

보통 작업 오더는 사람에 의해 직접 전달되기도 하고 시스템을 통해서 작업자에게 전달 되기도 합니다.

전통적인 작업오더의 경우 시스템을 통해 생성이 되면, 즉시 이행을 요구하거나, 정해진 시간에 작업을 이행하는 것을 요구 하게 됩니다. 보통 이렇게 생성된 작업 오더는 작업을 진행해야 하는 작업자가 시설내외의 어느 위치에 있는지 상관없이 전달이 될때가 있고, 작업 대상인 공간이나 장비의 현재 상태를 사람에 의해서 파악이 된 후 전달이 되게 됩니다. …

By Seungwon Go, CEO & Co-Founder at ZEROM (seungwon.go@zerom.io)

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Some experiences change people clearly and profoundly.
In a company, when the value that the company pursues and the new digital technology suitable for it meet, it can be transformed into a new company. We call it ‘digital transformation’. The digital transformation can be achieved through transformative experience.

Transformative Experience can change what individuals know and value, their perspective on the world and life.

So, what are the technologies that can provide this transformative experience for businesses?
One of them is RTLS(Real-Time Locating System).

With RTLS technology, you can find out what time someone went to work without having to scan their pass card. In addition, it is possible to know which product was received and which product was shipped without having to scan the barcode of the product individually in warehouse.
No more wasting time looking for specific assets in a facility.
This is something that has never been experienced before. …


Seungwon Go

Founder & CEO at ReturnValues, Co-founder & CEO at ZEROM

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