December 19, 2014, 9:34 PM

Each street light was at least 12 meters. from the next. The lights shone bright — so bright they made it impossible to see the source — - they shone far into the night — far till they were the only things in sight.

I attempted to count them , embracing the enormity of my self assigned white elephant task.

1–2. 3–4

Two per pole: I decided counting in fours was at least — a modest challenge for even the most questionable

( however savant like) intelligence —

5–6. -7- one pole had only one functioning bulb ( I assume it’s just a bigger bulb in there *for lack of a better word* ) —

-8-no bulb. no bulb-9 —

I became bored, there were too many of them.

I resign myself to getting lost in music —

I am incapable of accurately describing the sensation which consequently ( further down this anecdote ) I will attempt to.

They say the best adventures,

The truest,

Are the ones you have on the banks of the mighty ocean that is your consciousness.

Deep within yourself, the world that beckons with an irresistible force when you are consumed by sleep of the most inscrutable nature.

The most basic manifestation of multi (3) -Dimensional sensibility.

. — • —

As you would guess — and as highlighted above, it begins on the shores of a mighty ocean —

A single light shines far and deep into the darkness — so far you wondered how it managed to reflect so much on the surface of the eerily still — immensely vast — water in front of you —

Everything was — flat

Such is the manifestation of multi (3) -Dimensional sensibility: you looked straight but you could see from above as well, and from above and upon your

Horizon everything was — flat, and the sands extended forever behind you and to your left and to your right .

The water swayed gently, compelled by an unknown wind, extending forever beyond you and the sand, to your left and to your right it spread as well, meeting the sands and then occupying terribly daunting territory as far as your multi (3) -Dimensional eyes could see.

*i say ‘daunting’ because: as one who has suddenly been presented with a perversion of all that he had previously considered reality, further perversion—

e.g a display of conventionally non-human abilities ( breathing underwater/being completely comfortable on or in the water)

would not be all together impossible. Coupled with an innate love for the white elephant, the water by mere virtue of it’s own existence therefore was an option for habitation.

A perversion still, but an option at the same time and so as a perversion still, a daunting — bordering on ridiculous — option.


You turned and decided to walk, forcing a change in perspective — you hoped it would

The sand was warm, you felt each grain on your skin so you knew you weren’t wearing shoes.

*Where are your shoes?

You stop to stare at your feet, then crouch to feel the sand — then your feet — then your body all the way up till your face — then your hair — still soft and curly — then casually you notice a stone in the sand to your left — dash to it then pick it up, examining the size you walked towards the sand, your back to the water you charged forward with your stone, launching it forward with more understanding of your environment — just like the water being an option — you chose to challenge the situation just because.

The stone soared through the space, going further and further away until it was completely out of sight — you took a step forward then grunted with pain as the stone — ( you know it’s the stone just because ) — hit your shoulder right at the tip, sending jolts of pain down your right side.

Shattering the already weary cages that held your sanity.

You let out a scream from deep within, itching at your hair relentlessly like a feen bugging about a fix.

Your heart thumped and you were sure your chest would explode. The pain came like electricity. It occurred to you that it might hurt when a mans mind is violated to the point of insanity, like the pain from the breaking of the guardian of. virginity.


With the speed at which it came, the pain and the convulsing slowed to a halt, leaving you a wheezing mass curled on the sand desperate for water.

The thirst came strong, it drew you to the water, on all fours doing your best not to die on or in this ….

*This world? Place? Shouldn’t you be waking up now?*

You could smell the water as you got close. Then you felt it, on and around and in your body like you were completely submerged.

You only just got in yet you drowned — so deep the water seeped through to wet your soul — the thirst was gone.


••••• ••• •••••

It came about by a sleepers nightmare : incessant tapping on the window where your head slept.

You registered the sunlight first, it glistened like only early morning sun could.

The cold air seeped into your bones through wet clothes.

*wet clothes!*

There was a face on the other side of the window, and a name on her forehead —


Her face was warm and you were sure she was an alien. She pointed to an empty space in the form of an aggressive cliffs edge. The heart palpitations came strong, it reached wheezing mass when the car began to steer itself towards the. Space.

Impending death.

The door handle was the first option -then the previous option when the window became an option — then that became a former too.

Then for a brief second you saw a face in the swaying leaves and believed — even for a planks length — that the supernatural just in time force of good things and ‘by a hairs breadth’ rescues would intervene —

Then the second passed and you were faced with the intensity of the space beyond you. You attempted to comprehend the fall only to be distracted by an off white toy boat in the cup holder between seats, the details of your demise pressed themselves upon you.

Finally, you were thrown forward with as much force as would come naturally when the car went over the cliff — up went your heart through the crown of your head and out the car — the fall had only begun when a sound cracked through the atmosphere like the interruption of an obnoxious microphone —

. *****************************

. ****************************

. ***************

. *******

. *

*a thousand voices were heard, a loud trumpeting filled the air. As you plunged into the clouds, the door opened and you begun to fall out when an arm caught you. The French Army has taken Toledo and the Inquisition is in the hands of it’s enemies.