This is for writers block

For creativity and the insanity that fuels it

For living on the edge

For reaching out but never fucking with the option of surrender

This is for struggle

For empty pages and a heavy mind

For the most burdensome plague.

a compulsive charge to write marred by a seemingly insurmountable inability to

For freedom

For chaos and the order even in anarchy

For beauty in expression

For peace and the journey to a spotless mind

This is for music

For the spiritual sensation invoked by combinations of sound

For wanderlust and the illusion of meaning


This is for you


This is for thought

For intelligence and the gift of cognizance

For permutation and consideration and understanding even if only of what is naught

This is for repetition

For the mystery déjà vu and unfound doors that open to reality

For magic and the elements and


For the dark tower and infinity

This is for time

Once more, for infinity and that which does not only permeate, but impels all things — thus is all things within itself

This is for pleasure

And the fantastic creature that is man

For malevolence and power and the threat of imminent unavoidable damnation

This is for motion

For causation and consequent reactions

For arrangement and forces subtle as the emergence of traffic

This is for nature

For earth and space and the grander scheme of things

For smell and touch and sensation and longing and symbiosis

This is for creativity

For writers block and the taking back and the condemnation of the empty page

For madness and the bittersweet taste of of foamy spittle

For insanity and the dance of life

For the beating of a million hearts and the links we share as humans

This is for danger

For anxiety and rejection and wisdom and discernment

For writers block and the bringing down of walls

This is forever!