#BringBackMyChildhood v0.1.0

Image Credit : www.healthyadolescence.com

When I was a Child, I longed to become an Adult.

I wanted to do what Adults do.

I wanted to make my own money,

I wanted be able to afford whatever I wanted, talk to the beautiful girls and go where adults go.

Today, my childhood dreams have come true. I am now an Adult.

I can walk into a restaurant eat whatever I want and foot my own bills,

I can walk to an ATM with just a plastic card and come back with cash,

I can walk up to beautiful ladies and start some small talk *winks*, (the talk gets more interesting when I tell them I am an IT GUY).

However, now I feel like rewinding back to my childhood days, the Adults we looked up to those days did not tell us the other side of being an Adult. All they showed us was the “freedom” of being an Adult.

This iteration we call Adulthood is getting too monotous for my liking.

One of the most annoying parts of the “Adult Life” is the fact that you had to leave your house before 8am and not return until after 4pm for 5 days in a week (sometimes 6 days) whether you felt like it or not.

I was a very creative child but the adult version of me doesnt seem to be as creative. These days even your creativity is “timed”. You are handed a project with a deadline even if your creativity required more time, you could as well explain that to the gods.

I so feel like restoring back to factory settings to days when “Mummy was in the kitchen cooking Rice” and I kept the school fees bill waiting for “Popsy’s” arrival. The only deliverable I had then was a report card full of As and a couple of wrapped textbooks on our prize giving day but these days things are not like that my brother. Everyone is suddenly expecting something from you; Front, Back, Left, Right and Center.

Not to worry though, as a kid, IMPROVISING was my favorite hobby and I am not one to accept defeat so easily.Once upon a time, I built Television antennas from Bournvita Tins, Woofers from “stolen” radio speakers and carton, Magnetic field cars, CD racks from cards, a grinding machine from Aerosol containers… My Improvisation Resume is endless.

In the days to come, I am working on “improvising” my childhood into my adult life and I have decided to document the process, I might be saving a brother’s life.

I am going to Hack Life and “screw” this sh*t we call adulthood.

To be continued.

Watch this space…….