Is this the Future you prepared for?

Our society places so much emphasis on the “Future”.

In the beginning.

Almost immediately after stepping out of the womb, kids were advised to go to school and study hard so they can become Doctors and Engineers and Lawyers in the “Future”.

Even when things that rightfully belonged to you were taken away from you, you were consoled with the fact that you will get more bigger stuffs in the “future”. You were also advised not to pursue any personal vendetta with who ever cheated you as such a person will be rewarded with his/her evils in the “future”.

Parents prayed so much about the future. My Mum was a Prayer Taliban, my Grand Mum, a prayer Jagaban. I am quite sure some of their prayers will follow me to my second life (If I will have any).

The Status Quo.

Fast forward to 10, 15, 20 years later, that Future we earnestly looked forward to is here.

People have studied hard. They have become Doctors and Lawyers and Engineers. We have graduated with the much revered Second Class Uppers and First Classes. Some of us have even proceeded to add Second Degrees.

However, the kind of lives we are living is not looking like what they said the future life would look like.

The Doctors among us now readily abandon the patients they swore to cater for at the scent of NMAs feud with the Government. They are now Union Members to the core.

The Lawyers among us are still at the mercy of corrupt Judges who are mere puppets to our super-corrupt politicians. The justice they swore to uphold has now been downtrodden.

The Engineers among us look like cats in a cage as they behold the dilapidation of the structures, infrastructures and technologies they swore to evolve.

The rest of us are now merely waking up early enough to clock into our offices at 8am, write daily, weekly and monthly reports as we look forward to clocking out at 4pm or 5pm.

That brings me to this critical question?

Is this the Future we were prepared for?

All the go to school, study hard, get good grades…. is this all we will get in return for all the hard work?

All my Grandma and Mum’s prayers, is it just for me to clock in at 8am and clock out at 4pm?

Apparently, we did not prepare so much just to come and become code-manufacturing human machines.

Way Forward…

The way forward is always forward!

Take the Bull by the horn.

Sack the guy currently driving your life (if its not you).

If its you, park well, pull over, restrategize and reverse if need be.

Remember you have prepared so much for this future. Other people’s opinions, the fear of failing should not be enough to hinder you from living the life of the future you planned for.

#OyaComeMakeWeGo Live the kain life we said we would live.