Two years in the Grind.

On monday the 3rd of March, 2014, I resumed my first official job. (I have been hustling before then though, just that nobody had given me an official employment letter prior).

That was me 2 years ago, going to resume work

I had just passed out of the compulsory one year of national service barely two weeks ago and I was so excited that the 19,800 naira I earned last month was automatically going to take wings and fly up at the end of March. I had fantasized about the new things I was going to do with my new pay which was more than 400% my previous month’s pay.

It’s been two years after that day, I have obviously grown in all ramifications both physically and spiritually, even my belly which was flat then is now the size of one of my momma’s pot LOL.

I have learned a great deal in the past two years. Professionally, I have added a couple of feathers to my cap; I have handled bigger real-life projects, I now crunch more codes. I have traveled the nooks and crannies of Nigeria (getting set to do the same to the world), I have met people of timber (some even Iroko) and caliber and should you offer me the money I was fantasizing about 2 years ago at the moment, it will only take my anointing to hold me back from punching you in the face.

One MAJOR lesson, I learned in the last 2 years however is the fact that the RAT RACE is real. You wake up every morning, run the cycle and do-while you are still living.

The Rat Race is Real

At best, if you are very lucky like me, you get a bigger cheese periodically. The pay gets bigger, you get new fancy titles at intervals but the truth still remains;

The Winner of the Rat Race is still a rat.

Just like Arese Ugwu rightly puts it ;

“We are glorified slaves with fancy titles”.

It’s my work anniversary any ways and I am excited at least I have got a cheese bigger than some other rats as I eagerly look forward to exiting the rat race with calculated alacrity.

We still Grinding Mondays-Sundays in Dr. Eric Thomas’ voice

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