Entrepreneural Baby steps

All started in 300 level we had this class CSC 319 where the lecturer challenged us to think of making final year projects that made sense and wont be left on the shelf as we went for SIWES. It was pretty weird for most of us in the class since as at then nobody necessarily liked the lecturer (fyi that changed in 400 level she became friendly with us especially MIS students). Anyways midway SIWES i concluded to build a multi modal bio-metric system (Finger print, Facial and voice recognition)then start a company from it after school. by the time i resumed i was done with the write up, finished the facial and fingerprint recognition and was struggling with voice recognition. Final year came.. showed my project supervisor he liked the motive and all then he said something “whats the point of building something that already exists”. Needless to say i didn’t get to do my multi modal bio-metric system.

One thing led to another and i ended up Building a college selection system for my final year project. To be honest at the time the whole idea was pretty dumb to me. Finished school waiting for NYSC was a bore, during the wait i found out i had a bit of art in me and started making handmade cards, pretty cool ones self Check them out, i was killing two birds with one stone killing boredom and making small money to flex.Once more one thing led to another and i was back to my final year project, now it made absolute sense.

Innovation is a constant thing a never ending improvement on existing products, processes and procedures. Many of us have heard the phrase that entrepreneurs are problem solvers but it’s become somewhat cliche to us so we don’t identify problems in our society. I found out that one half of prospective undergraduates don’t have enough facts to make the right university,course or career path decision. So i tunred my final year project into an app and launched April 2017 universitycompass.ng . a lot has gone into it to turn it from a crappy final year project to a product and i thank God for that.

Encouraging computer science undergraduates to strive to develop things that would be useful both to the society and to themselves. The tech industry in pretty competitive i suggest y’all get to work early.