The Work… The Work… The Work

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to give a talk to students at a university about Entrepreneurship. Trying as much as possible to keep things simple and informal, I defined entrepreneurship solely as ‘the point where you lose all excuses to be lazy… forever’.

I’m sure they expected a more refined, intelligent or insightful answer. I’m glad I didn’t give that. After the event, one of the students walked up to me and said, “Seun, here’s the thing. I wanna learn, and do a lot of things, but I’m flippin’ lazy… it’s like I always need to be pushed before I get stuff done…” I took a few moments to ponder and told him… “Hey, you’ve gotta figure out how to get stuff done, by yourself and for yourself. If not, there’s no single advice I’m gonna give you that’s gonna work.”

I’m hoping that he listened. Why?

Because, gosh. It’s extremely easy to be lazy. It’s like we were in-built with laziness genes.

Wanna be lazy? Here’s what you need to do…


Okay, there are a few things…

‘Sleep for an entire day. Everyday throughout the entire week. And then some more.’

‘Leave your clothes unwashed till you’ve got nothing else to wear. Then stay at home.’

‘Leave your plates unclean till you’ve got nothing else to use. Then use all the plastic cutlery and leave those dirty too. Eat out for the rest of your life.’

‘Don’t plan’

‘Don’t get out of your comfort zone’

‘Rest on your oars. When tired of that, you could even look for other people’s oars to rest on :)’

But, frankly, if you plan to live a life worth something, you’ve gotta be willing to put in those hours… those excruciating, endless hours of focused work. You’ve gotta look further than the present, and work with the end in mind… that once you’ve lifted the burden of a task, the strength for the next task would surely emerge.

And finally, did I mention that the work never ends? Oh, yes it never does. It goes on and on and on…

There would be lazy days, most definitely. And sometimes, the key to maintaining sanity is to embrace some lazy days. But no sooner than you’ve done that, you’ve gotta shake it off. Quickly. And get back to work.

It’s a really long and humbling process. But the rewards are more than satisfying!

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