ICYMI: The Vlog is dead, but all is not lost

In a post I made yesterday I mentioned that I will no longer be doing the vlog, which, if you’ve been following me long enough, started on YouTube, and made its way onto Facebook in the past several months.

I decided that creating videos about things that were going on around me wasn’t something that aligned with the goals and ambitions I had in mind for Sevan, but instead to post other shows and podcasts that I will be working on over the next several months in its place.

This topic is no stranger right here on the blog, and it’s something I’ve talked about before.

Sevan is more then just the thoughts and projects that I do, it’s what I am, and in order to provide a better viewing, and reading experience for my audience I felt it was time to make a change for the better.

I don’t plan on talking about new projects at the moment, but I will be discussing this topic more in the months to come, but until then, keep an eye out, because you might see me doing more streaming over here on Twitch!

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