Sevan: The site is back!

It’s been a long time since the site has been operational, in fact, it was November when the account Subscription it was associated with expired. Now it’s nearly April, and I am proud to announce that the site is now back online, and ready to go.

While I am talking about Sevan news, I also have some announcements to make.

  1. Sevan, the discussion show I have done for the past several years is being cancelled. It’s been a long and interesting run, but it is time for it to be set to pasture in the Sevan archives.
  2. While the discussion video may be dead, I am proud to announce a new gaming show called Walking Idiot (shown as WalkingIdiot in the title card). This show is focused around gameplay of a person who clearly has no idea what he is doing in the game and attempts to make it in a first-person shooter world of choosing.
  3. I do plan to do more “vlog” style videos where I record what is going on around me
  4. I also “eventually” plan to bring a Review show in the mix

In Photon related news:

  • Photon 4 is slated to be released in mid-late 2016, it will bring some welcome changes and additions such as mobile web support.
  • An update to the current iteration is scheduled for late April or early May which will bring mostly bug fixes.

Hope you guys have a good weekend, and I will see you soon.

— Iian

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