What if I Just Gave in to “Normal”?

I always say that my life is never boring (hell, I started a blog with that title!). That’s because I’m always striving for more than what I have in terms of excitement, in terms of happiness, in terms of finances (because my finances were absolute shit because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing), in terms of overall experiences.

But what if I didn’t? What if I simply lived a “normal, balanced” life?

What if I quit all my side hustles, weird and time-consuming hobbies, and focused solely on my current job and keeping myself balanced at work?

What if I focused on getting to work, coming home, cooking and eating well, maybe going to the gym and doing a cardio workout with some weights or taking a group class, watching a good tv show, maybe playing a video game, and going to sleep at a reasonable hour? And I did that again? And again? And again? Over and over again?

Would my life take any weird turns within that realm? Would I make friends by doing what I do? Would I have much of anything to talk about with other people? Would I be able to find a nice guy to talk to at the gym and start a relationship with? Would I have such rock solid finances and want to travel more?

Then I realized something really, really important for me to realize: even if I did go that route, even if everything in my life was perfectly, absolutely normal and I did normal things, my life still wouldn’t be boring.

Why? Because it’s not the things that I do that make me interesting, which is really hard to see when I’m doing so many things. Sure, the things we do are things that are easiest to talk about in conversations with new people. But there’s a more important element.

I think that if I led this “normal” life, it wouldn’t be boring because of what I do in each situation.

If I only focused on work and no other side hustles, I’d still be the fruity, funny person at work because of the genuine interest I have in my coworker’s happiness, personal lives, and philosophies (I do that now, but I’m less invested in it since I write and respond to client requests during my lunch breaks). I’d probably make more plans to go to bars after work with coworkers too.

If I went to the gym religiously and that was my only real “thing,” I’d bring energy to gym by striving to be my absolute best (because I’m super competitive when it comes to physical tasks) and make people laugh when I screwed something up. I’d soak up the attention and cheer on other people doing good work in the group class and I’d talk with the instructor before and after the class. I’d probably compliment the girls in my class’s spandex or headbands or something too.

If I watched TV (which, surprise, I don’t really), I would watch something with my room mate and talk about the show and other things that happened throughout the day with them. And if they were feeling antisocial, I’d read a book or do spontaneous squats (my new thing to do) during commercial breaks.

If I cooked every day, I’d listen to music and probably drink some beer or wine while I cook, making a tiny little dance party in my kitchen. I’d have fun with it, and when I (inevitably) fuck up my dinner since I’m only learning to cook, I’d laugh and grimace as I eat my burnt/undercooked/weird-combo-of-spices food. I might call my mom or a friend while I’m doing this to catch up.

If I played video games, I’d be enthusiastic, yell at the controller, get excited when I hit certain levels, and turn the underlying storylines into fanfiction stories in my head.

If I went to bed at a reasonable hour, I’d indulge in self-care for an hour or two, drink some delicious tea, think about what I did that day that made things awesome, sit back and love that it was such a perfect day, and then get excited about the next day to do it all again.

Do you see the common factor here? In my crazy hectic life and my picture-esque “normal” life, I have one thing in common.


I’m what makes my life so awesome.

This is why I’m less concerned with the work I do, who I impact, what good I do in the world, what things I buy, what experiences I chase, and the people that I encounter throughout it all (because I like to think everyone is pretty cool too).

My life is varied because I’m varied. It’s lively because I’m lively. It’s heart-pounding because I work to make my heart pound. I put myself out as an energetic, thrill-seeking, fun person no matter what I do.

So I have the choice: the normal life where I keep within my boundaries and have a fun, normal social life in the process that I exert a little bit each day and people think I’m pretty amicable for it? Or the one where I’m running to different places and putting myself in situations where I’ll experience something new and different each day and really grow in my skills and abilities and social circles, learning new things all the time?

I’ll pick the latter. Because that’s who I am.

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