3 Ways Your Social Media Boost Your SEO

SEO and social media are two effective components for digital marketing strategy. Combination of these two tactics lead to high marketing results.

In order to perceive how social media may enhance SEO efforts, let’s take a look at three reasons below.

1. Your social media efforts can lead to quality backlinks.

Link building or link earning is still a widely-used tactic among marketers — and your social media pages can be the perfect staging ground for enticing links.

Social media allows you to share the best of your content and gain engagement around that content. The more engaging your content, the more people will share, and the more opportunities people will have to find and link to your content.

2. Social media increases the visibility of your content — which is ultimately the goal of SEO.

Social media gives your blog or website a place for a discussion. Moreover, your content gets a potential reach and your page becomes a promotional platform

Steve Slater, Digital Advertising & SEO Manager, said:

“Whether or not social shares and metrics have an impact on ranking without them you are 100% at the mercy of Google organic,” he said. “Without social or paid or any promotional efforts, you are basically hitting publish and hoping for the best. You’re hoping that your content will just ‘go viral and take off.’ So, I think the question is not really, do social signals impact rankings? But rather, is anyone going to see this if I don’t promote it?”

3. Social media helps build brand awareness — which can carry over to users’ search queries.

Through social media page you obtain a digital space where your target audience can easily find you and engage with you, hence you build up your audience and your brand. People will more easily recognize you in search and be more inclined to click. In addition, that brand awareness you’ve built on social could mean more branded organic search traffic coming to your site or your other social pages.

Social Media adds a boost to SEO efforts and as a marketer our task is to intertwine those two tactics by optimizing posts and profiles, leveraging hashtags in a right way, drafting optimized social messages while crafting new content and using mentioning and tagging to build more relevance — and signal influencers.

source: http://www.toprankblog.com/2017/06/social-media-boost-seo/