Boost Your Productivity by Using Keyboard Shortcuts

A regular person in Indonesia spends an average of 540 minutes, or 9 hours each day, in front of computer. And by taking his hands off the keyboard, it costs him a few seconds more.

In order to save some time and boost productivity you may keep your hands on the keyboard and enjoy the process. In this case keyboard shortcuts might be very useful to you. More importantly, activate your memory and remember this 4 tips.

1. Learn System-Wide Keyboard Commands

2. Learn Application-Specific Commands

3. Use a Keyboard Application Launcher

In case if you are a Mac user, go to Finder and select Application folder, later scan through all application files. With the help of Keyboard Maestro, you will have to type few keystrokes in order to launch an application. Afterwards your hands will never leave the keyboard and you will save more time. This life hack will bring you to an entirely new level.

4. Use a Keyboard Macro Program

One of the common keyboard master programs is Text Expander. It will help to convert few keystrokes to a word, phrase, document or even a link. You may type the word blog and it may direct you to your personal social media page or website. Or if you type “addrh”, it may replace the text with your home address. All of these will depend on your own settings and adjustments.

As you may see, possibilities for the simplification of your task are endless. Just choose the one that is most convenient to you and avoid wasting your time on grabbing the mouse.