These Powerful Women CEOs Know How To Put Technology In Its Place.

Women tend to be taskmasters and caregivers, handling things like doctor’s appointments, elder care, the school play, high school admissions, and travel arrangements. And it seems impossible for their nature handle things like managing technology and being connected with colleagues and clients at the same time.

But let us take a look at these four CEOS that are quite mindful and strategic in order to find a sweet spot.

Melanie Whelan, CEO of SoulCycle, Disconnects to Reconnect.

Melanie thinks that disconnecting is critical to her success both personally and professionally. Melanie rides at Soul Cycle four to five times a week. She also wanted to create a company where customers and employees feel connected. She has 45 minutes to be completely disconnected from technology where she can close her eyes, listen to music and exercise. Her cycling is great for business. In her studios you are able to feel the vibe and connect with employees. That phenomena creates a win-win situation.

Melanie often refers to soul cycle as a “tribe” where customers connect with other like-minded people. But this can only happen when tribal members put down their phones.

Ellen Bennett, CEO of Hedley & Bennett, Curates Connection.

Ellen launched her company where she set the change in the culinary culture by creating happy aprons for grumpy cooks to wear.

Moreover, Ellen was passionate about social media and authentic engagement. She combined all her passions and created something unique. She hired great photographers and curated the photos to create a consistently inviting vibe, which has led to over 70,000 Instagram followers. And in order to show her kind treatment, anyone who entered her factory in Los Angeles could get a hug and ice cream from her workers.

Jessica Mah, CEO of InDinero, Says “No” to Email at Work.

Jessica wanted to save time and money by outsourcing her company’s accounting. She found that emails, that popup too frequently on the screen, were interruptive for her and workers. So she decided to use chat tools such as Slack, so employees could get the information they want, when they want it.

Live without email has given her and her staff more control over their time and improved productivity. Now, Jessica’s trying to wean her customers off email too.

Jennifer Connelly, CEO of J. Connelly, Seeks Work-Life Fusion.

Jennifer thinks that technology is a lifeline and it has changed so many aspects of our lives. However, the one thing that she really appreciates is relationships.

When Jenifer interviews potential employees, she takes them out of the offices for a coffee in order to know them personally, rather than professionally. Jennifer and her team have created a best-in-class on-boarding process with the goal of making people feel connected and valued from day one. She wants them to know that while technology will always be a critical part of the job, relationships matter at J. Connelly.

It is quite challenging to address technology that brings us 24–7 connectivity and create customer and employee relationship. But these women understand the power of technology and are able to find the sweet spot.