Why Businesses Shouldn’t Focus on Money in 2017.

No matter what, but your business shouldn’t focus on money. Even though if it sounds counter intuitive, there is a good reason to consider the fact that another kind of approach pays off even bigger in the end.

Why shouldn’t our business focus on money?

Jack Welch, chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981–2001, who was able to raise company’s value to 4000%, thinks that you shouldn’t focus on money and quick profits. He says that, “On the face of it, shareholder value is the dumbest idea in the world.”

Jeff Bezos, the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Amazon.com, tells that the most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth’s most customer-centric company.

Most of the leaders who’ve created the world’s best brands all hold this common belief that a business should not focus on money.

So, what should our business focus on?

A business’ top priority should be delighting customers. It is important to provide them the best experience, because they look for friendly faces, helpful associates, for businesses who treat them like royalty, for helpful products, and for great experiences.

As Richard Branson says: “The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them- preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.”

Focus on your costumers instead of money, and definitely you will win.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes we wonder how did a specific company get their success, but the truth lies creating experiences people want.

The fact is, customers don’t care about your bottom line, they care about their experiences. So don’t focus on money. Instead, focus on delighting customers and providing the best experience possible.

Source: https://www.textrequest.com/blog/businesses-shouldnt-focus-on-money-in-2016/?utm_campaign=Submission&utm_medium=Community&utm_source=GrowthHackers.com

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