Inspired by Leonard Hofstadter and Big Bang Theory

Leonard bot — open source virtual assistant in messengers by Russian school students

Hi! My name is Seva and I’m school student in Russia and 14 years old, Python developer and young entrepreneur.

Some time ago I decided to make a personal bot for everyone. And now I’, happy to introduce you to Leonard Bot.

Leonard is ‘all in once’ solution: he can get news, weather, send daily digests, searching in the Stackoverflow, Wikipedia, Wikihow and many different things. He can speak English and Russian.

Currently you can use Leonard Bot in Telegram and VK. We are planning to add WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as soon as possible — TechCrunch says that Facebook will launch Bot SDK.

It’s fully open source and developers can help us with creating new features. If you care about privacy, you can run your own Leonard Bot on server. Development happens in the Github repositories.

About me

I’m Python developer with more than 1,5 years experience. I’m 14 and studying in 8th grade. I like ‘Friends’, ‘Big Bang Theory’ and Taylor Swift.

Leonard Bot — is not my first startup. About year ago I have developed Lises — it’s search system with ‘apps’ like calculator or converter. Like Google. Like DuckDuckGo.

After Lises fail I launched Lises Analytics — analytics media that researching social media using new Big Data technologies. I failed again, because I haven’t got enough experience in analytics.

Otherwise, I had successes too: in January I developed bot for Russian media and hit the news, in February I won GoTo Hack Big Data — hackathon for school and college students about Data Science and Big Data. I developed application for friends recommendation based on interests, posts similarity and mutual friends.

Why bot?

It’s cross-platform. There is different messengers for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, desktop and web apps. Every user can use it.

It’s fast. You don’t need load big web pages with Angular.js, React and Polymer. It’s just sends you text message.

How it’s working?

Almost in all cases, bot architecture looks like:

We are searching information using different sources, for example, Wikipedia and Wikihow.

Ross — is collection of regular expressions that changing “I need a taxi” to “{‘type’: ‘taxi’, ‘subtype’: ‘get’}”, “Where is Starbucks?” to “{‘type’: ‘places’, ‘subtype’: ‘search’, ‘query’: ‘Starbucks’}” etc.

We are trying to make this collection bigger, but it will be never enough, so currenlty we are developing neural network for proccessing user’s commands.



Human-readable weather description like it’s real personal assistant.


Perfect for saving short notes when you are walking or having conversations with your friends.

Reminders and timers

Bot will never forget about important things

Guides and tutorials

We are getting information from Wikihow and parsing it


Global news using Google News…

…or news from different medias


Get taxi by Uber almost from your messenger


Find the nearest Starbucks or explore near cafes — bot support full power of Foursquare.

It’s not all functions. Experiment with bot! We extending his function and may be you ask bot to do something in the morning (but in the morning there was no such function) and in the evening function will be ready.

We really need feedback to make functions, than needed for users.

Plans for future

It’s just a first version of bot. We are planning add more features based on users feedback, so we are always ready to talk. My e-mail is

Also we want to make experiments with bots: what is more useful — `all in once` solution or many bots with one function? So our next steps will be creating special bots: traveling assistant, education assistant, smart home assistant

Also we are making researches in neural networks, machine learning, natural language proccessing, Big Data and we are planning to integrate some features based on it to the bot.


We want to make cool virtual assistant for people. And we really need your support: DigitalOcean servers, science researches, bot promotion, hiring engineers for making new bots and hundreds of other things.

So we started a campaign in Patreon. And now we asking everybody to make a donation for project. We really need money for making cool bot.


If you want contact me (may be you know a cool function that should be implemented) — just drop a line into or send message to my telegram @sevazhidkov

If you liked my project — tell your friends about it. If you want to support us and have some money — you can donate to startup in Patreon. We will be happy in the both ways.