50 mind-blowing implications of driverless cars
Geoff Nesnow

Great-great overview. Let me add that for now vehicle size is THE most overlooked aspect of self-driving. A gap that’s just dying to be filled. Why? Because (much) smaller, self-driving cars hold the promise of utilizing the present infrastructure more efficiently. With their smaller footprint, they have more margin to figure out traffic than much larger cars. Imagine a 100 obese people vs a 100 athletes that walk along the same narrow stretch of pavement. The athletes are not only more nimble to avoid bumping into others, they occupy less road space. There’s simply more space in between people. These smaller (preferably sleeker) cars can be built lightweight, so they don’t need a large battery pack to go from A to B, and pose less of a risk to other road users. http://evworld.com/blogs.cfm?blogid=1397