Documenting the Journey

Success. A word that has no definition, until you yourself decide to define it. For some, success may be money, may be fame; for some, success is doing the thing they love most, having fun or just living life the way they like it best. For myself, success has always revolved around academic goals. In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that I want to add more to my definition of success. This post is all about that.

“The journey is everything” — Gary Vaynerchuk

In my almost 17 years on earth, I have always been in motion, living in different places throughout. Now, for the past 5 years, I have been staying in Berlin and this isn’t something that seems to be changing soon. I have found interests, developed skills and am soon to be facing large decisions. University, career, future… I will be exposed to all of these things in the coming months and to be honest, I am afraid. Writing this, I want to start documenting my journey, writing about my life and how it develops. My biggest goal (the addition to my definition of success) is finding the thing I love doing most, finding my passion. I know it won’t happen in a matter of days and so wanted to use this as a tool for myself and others to read along. This is a way for me to act, something that will drive me into more doing and less pondering.

The goal is to be posting as frequently as possible, which means weekly, or at max. once every two weeks. The content of my posts will be related to the things I do in everyday life, the activities I like pursuing (web development, photography, videography, design), as well as my opinions on hot topics, or things like school/education.

I hope you join me on this journey, getting involved with the documentation! In addition, I would love to hear some feedback regarding my idea, as well as what you think I could write about.

Thanks so much for reading my first post. Liking this, or sharing the post on social media would mean a lot!

– Marc (@seven11nash)