My Newest Interest, Photography

Only in the last couple of weeks has my love for photography taken off, and it is growing more and more as time passes by. I enjoy the act of taking the photo, editing it and receiving feedback once posting it on social media.

In addition to posting my work on social media, I also post some of it on sites like Pexels or Unsplash. One of the best feelings, is seeing your photo being featured on one of these sites, receiving likes as well as downloads from total strangers. Having my work featured is one of the things that encourages me to continue and acts as a fuel for my growing interest in the topic.

My first photo submitted to Pexels

The start to my interest in photography came when my father (Ralf) showed me how I can take a photo with bokeh (DOF). The result was the image above, now featured on Pexels with nearly 2000 downloads. It has even been used in an article on Forbes.

Even though that was the start of my interest towards the topic, it wasn’t the point at which it blew up. As mentioned, my enthusiasm for photography has only really come to life over the past couple of weeks. The main drive was my girlfriend, for whom I took pictures that she could post on social media. Me taking the pictures got me into the mindset of always trying to get the most ordinary shots.

A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it — Edward Steichen

In terms of portrait photography I have now signed up to join a course taking place in may. I hope that with the course I can explore portrait photography in greater depth, enabling me to achieve better content.

Three of the photos featured on Pexels

Another thing I enjoy pointing my camera at is technology. Some of my most successful shots including technology are the ones above, all of which were featured on Pexels. Technology is one of the themes I have most interest in and so the combination of photography and technology really fits me.

In the coming weeks and months I aim to increase my knowledge of the camera, how I can get the best possible images as well as what subjects I like having in front of the camera most.

My goal is to lay a focus on quality over quantity, as well as trying new things, letting me broaden my creative horizon.

Thanks so much for reading this post. If you are not aware of my “Documenting the Journey” post, I highly recommend you read it. This is the second post in the series of me taking readers on my journey of finding my passion, as well as talking about the things I find interest in. If you enjoyed the read, a like as well as sharing this would be highly appreciated. Additionally, if you have an idea for topics I can write about / post my opinion on, let me know on twitter (@seven11nash).

– Marc