A Best Way to Use Crystal Healing Wands

Nature creates the various examples of crystals and minerals, manufacturing in amazing shapes and sizes. As we continue, to discover man-shaped and natural, empower your imagination to expand your awareness beyond your current sense of knowing. Crystal wands are not normally formed. Basically, it is founded in the rounded on the base, but they are cut from bigger crystal blocks. Rounding the base permits to be utilized as a massage tool directly on the skin. You can use the crystal wands for healing the tension anywhere in the body. The crystal wands are also working on the feet, head and hands.

We can also use the crystal healing wands for scanning the aura to perceive blockages. The crystal wands can be utilized in different types to remove the blockage. You can also change the polarity of the crystal wands, as quartz crystal Pyroelectric and Piezoelectric when it is possessed to either heat or pressure. The tip will revolve from being normally positive and receiving to negative and so releasing vitality from the tip. Basically, I have also used the crystal wand which is very useful when working on a specific area, then you can focus the vitality in a tight beam and so maximize the relieving area.

As I have you told before that I have used the crystal healing wands in a various ways and in a variety of crystal types. When you choose the healing wands then guided by your instinct and not by what others say is right or wrong. Here are given some methods to scan the aura, such as

1. Take the crystal wand in your primage hand and holding the point towards the client.

2. Pick a starting point of the crystal wand and then start moving the crystal healing wand slowly around the body, and also making note of any areas that perceive differently.

3. When you used the crystal wands then sometime you perceive that the healing wand is hard to move, sometimes it will vibrate moderately. These types of feelings basically specify the blockages.

4. When you have completed scanning the aura, then go back and work on the obstructed areas, then using either the crystal wand or any type of healing crystals that you perceive necessary.

After that, let your instinct guide you, that there is no right or wrong way to do this. Basically, the crystal wands fabricate healing, vitality throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vitality bodies and through the etheric and aura vitality fields.