Celestite and Its Amazing Properties

A Celestite has a high vibration and a teacher for the New Age. It is imbued with divine energies. The Celestite takes you into the infinite peace of spiritual and contacts the angelic realms. It jump begins spiritual development, urges you toward enlightenment. It is a useful stone for stimulating clairvoyant communication, dream recall and journeys out of the body. This amazing crystal promotes purity of the heart and captures good luck. It heals the aura and reveals truth.

The Celestite is a stone that brings balance and alignment. The deep peace it holds helps in conflict resolution and in managing a harmonious atmosphere in terms of stress. Celestite can increase dysfunctional relationships by opening a space for peaceful negotiation. Celestite is a creative stone, mainly useful for the arts. Psychologically, Celestite imparts gentle strength and enormous inner peace despite urging toward greater openness to new intuitions. It is a teacher of trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine. With its calming effect, Celestite can cool fiery feelings.

Generally, Celestite calms and sharpens the mind, dispersing worries and encouraging mental clarity and expressive communication. It aids the analysis of complex ideas. This stone synthesizes intellect with instinct and encourages mental balance. Placed on the third eye, Celestite opens a connection to the universal energies. It brings a vision of calm coexistence with the whole of creation and holds the possibility of total harmony.

It should not be used alongside rock gemstone, malachite, or azurite. Discovered to sun lights it loses its color. Before use, sometimes it is suggest to put celestite together with hematite for some time, so that its vast power can be reduced. The healing Celestite is an amazing healing stone, which dissolving pain and bringing in love. It treats disorders of the eyes and ears, removes toxins and brings cellular order.

Its soothing influence relaxes muscle tension and calms mental affliction. As with all blue crystals, Celestite is an effective opener and the healer of the throat chakra and its associated physical conditions. The position of the Celestite place as appropriate or use of meditation and scrying. A large piece of Celestite situated within a room heightens the vibrations in that room and do not place in direct sunlight as the color will fade.

Color: Yellow, Blue, White, Red

Appearance: Transparent, pyramidal crystals as medium to big cluster or geode, or platelike piece

Rarity: Easily obtained, but quite expensive

Source: Egypt, Madagascar, Britain, Mexico, Poland, Libya, Peru

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