Rhodochrosite — Stone of Harmony and Love

Pink is frequently connected with Roses, cherish and passionate healing. February symbolizes love and enthusiastic love. Enthusiastic healing is a necessary piece of the adventure in all Realms. There is just love or dread. Love is more grounded than fear-based contemplations of need, question, give up. Love heals, fear expands fear. Love is a blessing, fear channels positive power. Love based considerations or feelings: satisfaction, genuine love, love of the Self, cherish for others, add up to acknowledgment, judgment-free, euphoria, delight, plenitude, peacefulness.

Fear-based feelings or thoughts: lack, anger, doubt, disappointment, judgment, disapproval, conditional love, hate, loss, jealousy, and envy.
There is nothing more popular than love. There is nothing more prominent than unequivocal love, add up to the acknowledgment of you and others with every one of our blemishes, every one of our scratches, dings, and marks. The key is to surrender the dread of being un-adored, un-adorable. You are entire finished and flawless now this minute. You are cherished unimaginable.
Go along with me as we travel through the Realm of Unconditional Love and passionate healing finding healing and magical properties of Rhodochrosite, Pink Tourmaline, Kunzite, and Cobalto-Calcite.

Rhodochrosite — Stone of Love and Harmony

This type of many-layered stones of pink and white symbolizes the numerous features of our inward feelings, the focal point of our Emotional Energy Body. Pink and white striations coordinate and adjust heart and psyche, healing wounds over a significant present, quieting the Soul.

Rhodochrosite is prized for its external and inward excellence, empowering each of us to bring into agreement our internal want for affection, giving and accepting, adoring without condition. The wonderful layers of white all through this stone have the ability to help you in diverting or getting to Divine White Light injected with Divine Healing Love.

The Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus are the both resound with an alternate, yet capable vibrational recurrence adjusting each Chakra connecting the lower physical domain needs and needs with that of the higher Spiritual Self. Malachite and Rhodochrosite healing pendulum crystal work couple, as an inseparable unit, discharging vitality blockages in the Solar Plexus, dissolving passionate blockages in the Heart Chakra.