The Digital Marketing Trends of 2020: What you should know for the future of marketing

With so many digital marketing channels and advertising options out there now, it can get overwhelming, and we are spoiled for choice. Using every channel may not always be the best approach, but rather we should be making the most out of each channel instead. This can be explained simply as “working smart” as opposed to working hard; the digital marketing version.

Marketers are comparing user statistics along with the most supportive advertising systems when choosing their advertising platform. For example, Facebook’s 1.7 billion active users are a major key factor to why digital marketers go for Facebook advertising as a preferred platform.

(source: Sproutsocial)

The rise of user-generated content

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Involve your audience in your marketing campaigns. This approach takes “being heard” to a new level and shows the trust that you have for your audience. With the pride of contribution, this urges your audience to be on your side and to fight alongside your brand. In this day and age, recognition goes a long way, especially for millennials. More brands now need to have a genuine interest in what their audience wants and support them in doing so to gain their loyalty in return.

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” — Benjamin Franklin

Marketers are accountable for their digital marketing performance

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Data, data, and more data. Digital marketers need to have a strong level of data analytics to identify which strategies work and why they worked; this data is simply used to know what digital marketing campaigns you’re doing right what you’re doing wrong so that you can learn from mistakes and not repeat them. This is vital as the budget is on the line when it comes to paid advertising strategies. You always want a good ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) so that your dollar stretches as much as possible, and this can be seen and done through good analytical planning, tracking and adapting.

Marketers can also build long-term digital marketing strategies organically through SEO (search engine optimization). Our full guide to succeeding in local SEO and SEO marketing can be read here.

Watch out for Millennials

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Millennials are the trend-setters. Netflix started in 1998 as a result of people getting too many fines for late DVD rentals, thus opening their own movie streaming service through the web. In 2004, Facebook was created by a group of students at University to connect with other local students through an online community. That being said, we all need to watch out for what millennials are up to and what they are doing now, for the tools they are using now may just become more mainstream shortly.

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The growth of social validity

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In a world so socially connected means that social validity must play a part with it. Before making a purchase, people now have a strong need to ask and gain confirmation from another person who they trust to help make that decision factor for them. This is a great example of people trusting other people whom they relate to as opposed to an advertisement whom they may not relate to. The trend here is caused by too many past false adverting claims or “fake news” that people have experienced in the past and therefore, are now switching to trust factors instead. Because of those experiences, people are not only listening less to advertising but are also protecting themselves from it. Instead, they are listening to their peers who may have less expertise than marketers, but are simply more trustworthy in their eyes.

Video content continues to boom

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During 2017, Forbes stated that video content amounted to 74% of Internet traffic that year. At the start of 2020, Cisco predicted that 79% of total mobile traffic will be video by 2022. Video marketing only keeps growing. People have simply transitioned more from looking at images to more animated content instead due to videos being more engaging at first sight.

If pictures contain a thousand words, a video contains a thousand pictures.

Stories aren’t slowing down

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Stories have been a great success to social media. The Facebook and Instagram Stories succeed because they can be easily customized; you can add polls and ask questions the way you want which are all great tools to engage your audience by giving them a chance to voice their opinion. Check out this article here explaining how to create an interactive Instagram story to engage your audience. Just like what was wrote in point three — the inclusion of your audience matters now more than ever, and Facebook and Instagram stories do that in the best way.

Conclusion: Adaptability is vital in the digital age

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As technology evolves every second, everything is changing quickly. Digital marketing is very volatile when it comes to changes. How to come out on top of this? The answer is adaptability. Keep up with the news. Keep up with the trends. Know what will happen down the road and implement your strategies towards what is changing, and do it fast!

“Adaptability is the simple secret to survival.” — Jessica Hagedorn

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Originally published at on March 23, 2020.

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