Calling for a #NoTechDay on Valentine’s day

It’s that time of the year again. Your phone has been getting crazy with notifications for ads for the last 2 days and the Promotions tab of your Gmail inbox is getting full. The streets & shops are getting full of hearts. Pink seems to have become overnight the most popular color of your neighborhood. The whole world around you putting high expectations on you to make it right this year. To make it big & romantic, not like last year. Because Sunday is Valentine’s Day — again.

People will pressure you into buying things. Companies, from startups to big corporations, will offer you amazing offers you absolutely cannot miss. You’ll need to buy tech this Valentine. You’ll need to buy flowers, chocolates, scented paper for love letters… and because you’re such an amazing client you’ll even get a price on non-related items like business cards.

We won’t give you a Valentine coupon at Lima. We’ll go as far as closing down our website on that day.

Because if you think about it, the idea of Cupidon when he “invented” this day about 20,000 years ago was to celebrate one thing only: your love to your significant other. I’m pretty sure that marketing e-mails were not part of the plan.

What do you say?

Taking the time to spend this special day, Sunday, with this significant other. Marketing won’t help you that much. Deals on stuff come & go, even on flowers. What will never go is a fully dedicated moment with the person you love above all.

Spend time with the person you’re the most intimate with, the person that holds you tight at night, gives you unlimited warmth & support through hard times, and helps you make good times even more enjoyable. Spend time with the person you’re the most open to, the person you’re the most vulnerable to. This person you’d like to or sometimes think about spending your lifetime with.

On Sunday, we’re calling for a No Tech day. Get rid of your phone — shut it down. Don’t open your computer, don’t even watch the news. Take all these marketing e-mails and press delete. Because what’s important, this day, is nothing about deals and money and stuff.

What’s important on this day is you and your couple. So make your Valentine’s day a #NoTechDay… and enjoy!

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