Red Wave? Don’t Get Complacent

The Democratic Socialists are Just Getting Started.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Democratic side of politics because Donald Trump gave you a hope you hadn’t felt since before Bill Clinton, I recommend you look into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and give this clip from CNN a watch — because it perfectly encapsulates the shifting paradigm on the left, and the threat it poses to Corporatist Democrats across the nation. While those on the Right are patting themselves on the back, watching Maxine Waters call for mob justice and harassment of Trump Administration members, suspecting it will be the downfall of the Democratic Party, we’ve now seen not just one, but three members of the Democratic Socialists of America unseat incumbent corporatist Democrats in their primaries: the aforementioned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14th District, Summer Lee in Pennsylvania’s 34th House District, and Sara Innomorato in Pennsylvania’s 21st House District.

With that information, go back and watch the previously-linked CNN clip another watch, and listen to what Angela Rye has to say. She is outright demanding that the Democratic Party stop holding Maxine Waters and other minorities holding positions within the House of Representatives to a different standard from their corporatist Democratic fellows, and all but blatantly calling those Democrats racist. Not even the Clinton DNC is safe from the anger of intersectionalists and anti-racist politicians and commentators anymore, and the power held by the young voters, believers in intersectionality and action, even sometimes violence, against those they perceive as racist, is becoming a transforming factor in the Democratic Party. For all the hate and dismissal people like Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski can garner from the Right, their Justice Democrats party, along with Black Lives Matter and MoveOn, have successfully positioned three Democratic Socialists into heavily-gerrymandered districts in the United States and it doesn’t look like they’ll be stopping there.

These aren’t individuals who say one thing and mean another — they are died-in-the-dirt believers in socialism and intersectionality, and the patronizing pandering to their interests by the rapidly-deteriorating Democratic party is driving them to vote for believers like themselves instead of con-artists like Hillary Clinton or Joe Crowley, and not even the seemingly endless wealth of the Clintons and Obamas can block the power of a believer with a vote. With only 1/10th the fundraising of her opponent, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was able to take a 10pt lead over Joe Crowley in last night’s primary vote for the New York district composed of the East Bronx and Astoria, and in doing so, she has emboldened all the Democratic Socialists who were hurt and disillusioned with their party after the rigging of the 2016 presidential primaries against Bernie Sanders. These candidates for the House and Senate are young, idealistic, and even more socialist than even Bernie was, and with those deeply-held beliefs, the Democratic Party has two choices: adapt, or collapse.

With political positions including Medicare-for-All, a Federal jobs guarantee that turns Right-to-Work completely on its head in favor of Unionists and Non-Union workers alike, tuition-free college, and the very hot-button issue of the season, abolition of the US Immigrations & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), Ocasio-Cortez and her allies in the Democratic Socialists of America are well-positioned to completely disrupt the complacent expectations those on the right hold for a Red Wave. They’re certainly getting a Red Wave alright, but the Red comes from socialism, not Republicanism, and it seems like most haven’t even seen it coming.

The Democratic Party is becoming more divided and fractured than even the Republican Party was in the 2016 presidential elections, and this poses a risk to the Republicans, not a benefit. While the Republican Party, a conglomeration of passive agreement posed by Neoconservatives, Libertarians, Populists, and Traditionalists, has put aside their differences for the sake of a Donald Trump presidency, the Democrats are far less likely to find themselves coming to a peaceful agreement — but they don’t have to. This isn’t a nationwide Presidential election; these are elections for heavily-gerrymandered districts across the country, in which demographics define how each district is shaped, and these demographics are in favour of the Democratic Socialists due to the youth and minority votes which were so divided in the 2016 Presidential Elections. While these minority and college-aged groups find themselves moving in two directions (those who have dug in their heels with socialism, and those who have abandoned the Democratic Party to follow Candace Owens and Kanye West), when you look at it on a district-by-district basis, you’re left with a situation where far more House seats are going to be overturning their incumbent Democrats for younger, more idealistic Democratic Socialists who promise entitlements to young and disenfranchised voting-age individuals across the country.

The Republican party may have unity now, but that unity means nothing without a fighting chance, or even a standing competitor, in these districts. States like Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Florida, are completely up for grabs, and the Democratic Socialists only need about 30 seats in the House of Representatives and two seats in the Senate to completely transform the Democratic Party as we know it. If they are able to get that, the Republicans can say goodbye to their hopes for a supermajority, this November — instead, we’ll see the same loss of seats in the House by the Administration’s party we see in almost every midterm election, made new by a legitimized and emboldened Socialist movement.

It’s time to get off our asses. It’s time to let go of our complacency. The Democratic Socialists are here, and they’re changing the way the game is played.